American Roulette

As its name suggests, American online sports betting roulette enjoys resounding popularity in physical casinos scattered throughout the United States. All the more so, it seems that this game also has a particular reputation in Asia and in the United Kingdom. However, most European players prefer European roulette because of its lower house advantage (and therefore its better chances of winning). The house advantage is significantly higher in American roulette due to the existence of a double zero (in addition to the single zero). Now let’s take a look at the rules of American roulette.

What should you know about American roulette?

  • American roulette has one more box than European roulette: double zero (00);
  • In American roulette, it is also possible to place your bets on single numbers or groups of numbers;
  • The house advantage of American roulette is almost twice as large as that of European roulette (5.26% versus 2.70%).

What are the rules of American roulette?

American roulette stands out for its simplicity. If you correctly predict the box in which the ball will stop, you will receive payout reports depending on the type of bet made and the stake invested. Each casino game has its own wagering limits, which define the minimum and maximum amounts that you can wager during each round. Online or in a physical casino, there is inevitably a small sign which will indicate the limits of the table to you.

How is a game of American roulette?

In American roulette, we generally use chips whose colors are different from other casino games. After choosing their roulette table, all players must exchange their currencies for chips with the croupier (or the cashier). Each player will receive tokens of different colors to mitigate any risk of confusion during the payment of winning bets. As soon as all the players have received their chips, they are now allowed to place their bets on the different table sections.

Players have the option of placing their bets on individual numbers or on groups of numbers. Thereafter, the croupier actuates the cylinder of the roulette. But as soon as the dealer announces that “Nothing is going well,” players are no longer allowed to lay their bets on the table (or to modify them). As soon as the ball comes to rest in one of the numbered boxes, the croupier publicly announces the winning number. He marks the winning number by placing a “dolly” on the table. All players who correctly predicted the winning number get cash out. Losing bets are picked up by the house. As soon as the winnings are awarded to the winners, a new round can start. Easy, right?

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